Friday, September 25, 2015

A Very Long Day In Utah

An hour driving, about three or four hours flying, with a change of plane and short layover and I arrived in Salt Lake City. This was the much anticipated inspection visit for what we hoped would be our new to us motor coach. 

For the next three hours I went through every cabinet and appliance inside, laid under the chassis inspecting brake drums, tanks, piping, pumps and jacks, climbed on the roof, poked in every storage and equipment bay, and poured over the generator and diesel engine, 

There were a few items that I needed demonstrated or explained. Enter the service manager who was competent and most helpful. Only one item proved not to be functioning 100%, and his response was that they would replace it with an upgrade. Okay. 

This was all followed by a 30 minute road test. Then another hour rechecking to be sure I didn't miss anything. Most of the day I followed a check list that I prepared in advance, I made notes, and a punch list. 

Then I had a meeting with the seller and discussed the few additional things that would need to be addressed as his expense. We reached instant agreement. Then I added a list of additional items I wanted at my expense, and who could object to that. And it all needed to be done by October 2nd. Done.

So I signed the paperwork and we became the owners of our very own Tradewinds 7372.
Before I even left for the airport a crew from the truck tire center arrived and took her away for a set of six very large new tires. On the advice of others we upsized from the stock tires and went with something that was better suited for the weight of this beast. These tires stand 37-inches tall. Wow.

Now I'm reversing the morning's travel schedule. This time stopping in Las Vegas instead of Denver, and arriving back in Austin minutes after midnight. So technically I won't even be back at home until Saturday. Now that's a long day. 

And so it begins. Pride of ownership balanced against the cost of maintenance! 

We think the secret of motor coach success is use it, and use it often. 

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