Monday, September 28, 2015

Let the Countdown Commence

With the planning now complete we have started the countdown for the M.C. Kismet's first voyage. In case you were wondering, that's M.C. for motor coach, instead of M.V. for motor vessel. Kind of sticking with the nautical theme. And yes, we even have a real hardbound logbook! 

This week while we are counting the days, our Tradewinds is getting new belts, fluids, and filters. Bearing are being checked, a new slide cover installed, terminals are being cleaned and tightened, latches and knobs replaced, and the air conditioning and heating controls upgraded. By Friday she'll be ship shape and ready to set sail. 

At O' dark early Friday Linda and I will leave home for Utah and by mid-morning we'll climb aboard the Kismet. It will be Linda's first time to see her in person. We're both excited. 

We'll spend about half of the day Friday shopping for provisions. We'll need a little of everything necessary to eat, sleep, and travel for the next five days. A new Keurig coffee maker is a high priority and will remain a fixture for future voyages. It ought to be a good day for Camping World and Wal-Mart. 

Before leaving Salt Lake City I'll top off the 90 gallon diesel tank and take on 45 gallons of propane. 

By the end of the day Friday we'll be in Wyoming and the adventure will be well underway. 

Stay tuned. 

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