Saturday, September 19, 2015

Time In Slow Motion

I have to admit I feel a lot like a child waiting for Christmas. I'm counting the days. I also know that the coming week will pass in a flash and I'll wonder where the time went! 

Six days from now I'll fly to Utah to purchase our new motor coach. The flight will be early and I will have worked all week so everything needs to get packed tomorrow before the work week begins. Eek! 

The weather forecast for Salt Lake City next Friday is warm and dry.That's good since I will want to study every inch of the coach, inside and out, and underneath as well. Dry weather will help with that.  
A week later when we return on October 2nd to drive home the weather forecast is for more mild days and nice cool nights. 

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Megan's Mom said...

We are so excited about the first trip, especially seeing new places for both of us, hello Wyoming!