Monday, September 14, 2015

Who Doesn't Love A Good Floor Plan?

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The floor plan is a huge part of what we love about our coach. Slide-outs are all the rage today, so finding a motor home without too many isn't easy. Specifically I don.'t want any slides in the bedroom so you can get around the bed anytime. And, I want a full Queen size bed, not the shorter RV size mattress. Got to have real nightstands on both sides of the bed. We also aren't fans of any slide on the passenger side where they impact access to basement storage and create head knocking hazards for grandchildren. 

The kitchen is another big deal. Linda really likes the U-shape counter where she can stand out of the traffic pattern. It also has more counter space than many of the others we looked at and in a spot that's good for serving too.  The sink isn't pushed into the corner as much as the floor plan shows and there's a counter extension to the left of the sink. The counter top is Corian as is the range cover that lays flat providing more counter space when the stove isn't in use. And finally, we wanted the kitchen on the driver's side so we can have more window space on the passenger side. 

We also wanted a water closet that when in use wouldn't restrict access to the sink, closets or bedroom. 

While I've already said this, we don't like dinettes. A table and real chairs please.

Windows, lots please. Mostly on the passenger side. In the bedroom put them where you can see out while laying in bed (not above the headboard). 

Lastly we believe that our coach should be as usable with the slides in as with them out. 

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