Sunday, September 13, 2015

Taking The Leap !

Yesterday we took a big leap of faith, negotiated purchase terms, and put a deposit down on this Tradewinds model 7372 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Okay, it wasn't as spontaneous as that might sound. This purchase decision follows several weeks of researching and looking at lots and lots of motor homes and comparing features against our list of wants and don't wants. A few weeks ago we settled on this specific make and model. After one false start in Houston we began a dialogue with dealers in California, Oklahoma, and Utah. In the end the best fit and best deal was found in Utah. And here we go! 


Megan's Mom said...

This is an excellent start. I look forward to more!

nonsequitur said...

Looking forward to a lively account of your adventures.

wb7auk said...

Awaiting your new purchase David.