Wednesday, October 7, 2015

If It's Tuesday It's Texas

Good morning from Dumas, Texas. 

We were glad to find this space in the middle of the night. We were so tired that we dropped anchor and didn't make any shore connections or even open the door until this morning. Again it rained most of the night. 

Having had lots of heavy rain, both while parked and at highway speeds, we are assured that there are no roof leaks in the living area of the motor coach. No roof leaks, check. 

Yesterday was the biggest push and longest day of this maiden voyage. To get to Dumas we traveled 471 miles from Wellington, Colorado, through rain and dense fog. These next two days will be in sunshine and at a much slower pace. 

After three days on the road we managed to fill both holding tanks. Taking showers helped. By filling our two fresh water tanks to capacity as well as both holding tanks we were able to verify the integrity of all four of our tanks. No tank leaks, check.  

And so, this morning was our first waste water dump. No cap leak. No valve leaks. Both black and gray valves operated easily and properly. The plumbing bay wash down hose worked okay. Another highway trial successfully completed. 

I really like the new sewer hose we bought at Camping World. Unlike hoses I've bought and used in the past this hose accordions into a stiff tube that's easy to handle and store. Likewise it only expands to the length you need when making a connection. With two 10-foot sections I will also only use one length whenever possible. 

Hello Amarillo. This was Linda's first time in the Texas Panhandle and Amarillo. She got better pictures through the windshield than I did. 

We saw and raced lots and lots of trains across Wyoming, Colorado, and Texas. Linda exchanged greetings with a BNSF engineer from her co-pilot seat. I gave him a toot on the air horn. 

Today's fuel stop was in Childress, Texas, where we took on 50 gallons of diesel. During the next 24 hours I've pay even more attention to fuel economy. I'll keep the speed to 65 MPH, keet the dash air conditioning off, and keep the transmission in economy mode. So far the results are promising. Our three tank (fueling) average is 9.0 miles per gallon. Let's see what tomorrow brings. 

Traveling only 207 miles today made for an early arrival at our RV near Bowie, Texas. 

Dry weather and cool temperatures meant we could open all the windows and enjoy fresh air and the sound of crickets. 

This was the first day that all three meals were prepared aboard the KismetBefore dinner we turned the pilot and co-pilot seats around to become part of the living room. Once again we were impressed with the comfortable seating for six. And there was still room for two more using the dining room chairs. 

After dinner I took the opportunity to work on yesterday's blog and Linda caught up on a magazine. Very relaxing. Time for another cup of coffee.  

Tomorrow night we'll be home. 

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