Thursday, October 8, 2015

Kismet Reaches Her New Home Port in Fayettteville, Texas

Good Morning from Bowie, Texas! 

One of the best meals of the trip was a hot breakfast served at a table by an open window near Bowie, Texas. 

We had a nice slow pace morning in a very quiet RV park. I took the opportunity to do a little tinkering on the Kismet, cleaning and removing more unwanted cup hooks and such. Then it was on the road again. 

Today we fueled in Waco, Texas, taking on 30 gallons of diesel. Our new three tank average rose to 9.8 miles per gallon. 

Hitting Austin rush hour traffic took all the rush out of our effort to get to the Austin Airport. Miles of stop and go traffic. Now you might wonder why we were going to the airport. But you should recall this voyage began by flying to Utah, which means we left a car at the airport. 

Linda is pretty sure she is among the few people ever dropped off at the passenger arrivals bus lane in a diesel pusher motor home. 

Separated for the first time in five days meant Linda could snap some pictures of the Kismet approaching home port from her chase vehicle. . 

The Kismet has finished the last leg of her 1,650 mile maiden voyage to arrive on the town square in Fayetteville, Texas. A few minutes later she would be backed into a covered parking space and locked up while Linda and I had dinner at our local cafe. 

In two weeks the Kismet will be back on the highway. Stay tuned. 

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