Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mimi and Pop-Pop's Weekend Visit

Not all road trips need to be long in miles or days. Such was the case this weekend. Friday the Kismet traveled only a few miles to join Linda for lunch in Round Top, Texas. Here she is on the square. After lunch she got her first Texas motor vehicle inspection. Of course she passed with flying colors. 

After work Friday we struck off for Houston. About half-way through the short 2.5 hour trip we stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner where motor coach parking is always convenient. At the end of the day Friday the Kismet was parked in front of our daughter's home. Mimi and Pop-Pop, that's what our granddaughters call us, had arrived. This was the first time our daughter, son-in-law or granddaughters got to see the MC Kismet

Saturday morning we entertained two special curbside visitors. The older two granddaughters enjoyed cups of hot chocolate at the window side table overlooking their own front yard.  

What a great way to spend time with grandchildren. Linda brought Willa a new American Girl doll catalog and the two of them discussed all the new outfits and accessories as well as the newest dolls in the collection. 

The Kismet's living room on wheels provides lots of comfortable space for everyone to visit. 

While in Houston we took the opportunity to take out the Sleep Number bed and replace it with another queen size mattress more to our liking. This was one of the important reasons we wanted a motor coach that was designed for a full size mattress, not the shorter RV queen. 
Since we're not towing a dingy we took the Kismet out for dinner. When we pulled into the parking lot of Miller's Cafe a car came around us and pulled sideways in front of us blocking our turn into a good parking position. The driver was looking directly at me. I was puzzled. When she took her sunglasses off and smiled I did too. I know who that is! It's Sandra, a friend that I haven't seen in about eight years. Turns out she has been following our travels in the Kismet on Facebook and our HwyLife blog. When she saw a giant white motor home with the distinctive markings of the Tradewinds she took chase and caught us! Of course she got piped aboard and given the tour. What a nice surprise. 

With obligations at home on Sunday it was time to start heading that direction. Our only stop on the return trip was to take on diesel in Brookshire, Texas. 

Even though it was only one night and one full day, it was a very nice visit with our daughter and her family. We really enjoyed bringing our highway home to their front yard. I'm sure this is a trip that will be often repeated. 

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