Monday, October 5, 2015

It's Wyoming!

Good morning Evanston, Wyoming! Breakfast is served at our very own window on the world. A nice cool morning with overnight rain. The cool weather gave us a chance to test out our two central heat style furnaces. And they performed perfectly all night long. 

On our first day we only traveled 123 miles just in case we needed to return to the RV dealer or any number of shops in Salt Lake City. Fortunately, that will not be necessary. 

Before we got underway again I took some time to remove unwanted exterior hardware and clean up the residue left behind by stickers and adhesive mounted emblems on the rear of the motor coach. This also gave me the opportunity to install our own Family Motor Coach Association oval. We are also members of the FMCA Amateur Radio Chapter, Diesel RV Club, Freightliner Chassis Owner's Club, Good Sam Club, and The Dolphins. 

Talk about wide open spaces. We were unprepared for the variety of landscape to be seen across Wyoming between Evanston and Cheyenne. Just spectacular. 

Okay, so we didn't really stop here for any reason other than take our picture with the Little America sign in Little American, Wyoming. I got a great picture of Linda and I standing with the Kismet taken with our camera on a tripod under remote control. Unfortunately, I later discovered that I didn't bring the cable necessary to get the photograph out of the camera. Oh well, guess you'll just have to wait! 

Here we took a tourist detour through Green River, Wyoming. This unique (although not so unique for Wyoming) rock formation looms up over the city. Pretty darn cool. 

With a Walgreen's app installed on my smartphone I'm able to take pictures and order one-hour prints to be picked up along our route. Works great. Shots from Utah picked up in Wyoming. 

Turns out that the parking lot of Walgreen's in Rock Springs is also a pretty good place to have lunch. If you've brought your own kitchen! Once we arrive home the paper plate will be replaced with something reusable. 

Have you ever seen the Great Leaning Tower of Lincoln just outside Laramie? We have! 

We drove up and down and over summits as high as 8,640 feet as was the case at Sherman Summit in Albany County, Wyoming. Here's a view down from the top of that summit. [Click on this, or any of the photographs to enlarge]

One last stop in downtown Chyenne, Wyoming for dinner with distant relatives. No, we didn't eat at Subway, we had a great meal at 2 Doors Down on 17th Street. This was a little like my childhood when traveling with my grandparents and their travel trailer and stopping to visit relatives across the country. 

Also got a really good photograph of the Governor's Mansion before dinner, but alas it's stuck in the camera for now. 

The drive to Wellington, Colorado, was in the dark and driving rain. Although not appreciated by the co-pilot, it was yet another good test of the Kismet on her maiden voyage. 

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