Thursday, October 29, 2015

Three Day Getaway

With Friday off, Linda and I took the morning to continue the process of outfitting the M.C. Kismet. Dishes, pans, a toaster, silverware, tools, and other items were brought to live aboard full-time. We expect that each trip will add a few more items to stay in addition to the groceries that will always be required. 

Here we are making a lunch stop on the square in Fayetteville, Texas before hitting the highway. We found ourselves in no hurry. It was raining on and off and we had only a short drive to Bastrop State Park.

This was the first trip that our dog Jazz was able to join us. It didn't take her long to feel right at home aboard the MC Kismet. By the end of the second day she was a champ at bounding up and down the five steps of the entrance stairs. 

Take a Pass and save some cash. This $70 Texas State Parks Pass saved us $32.50 on a two night stay at Bastrop State Park. Three more nights in the next twelve months and we break even. Chances are pretty good that we'll far exceed that number. 

We arrived at Bastrop State Park in the rain and this was the view of our campsite from the Kismet. Friday and Sunday proved to be the only days when the rain gave us any break. By the time we left the two tent campers in the distance gave up and packed up. The heavy and persistent rain wasn't a surprise to anyone as pacific Hurricane Patricia moved across Mexico into Texas. During our entire visit the county was under a flood watch or warning.

Friday we had a break in the weather that let us enjoy the fresh air and take a nice walk. The state park was exceptionally clean and well maintained. Being a dog friendly park Jazz enjoyed the walk as much as we did. 

Several years ago this park was damaged by a huge forest fire. Today new growth is coming up amid dead trees and a full recovery is well in swing. 

This was the one evening we could sit outside and enjoy the surroundings. So we did. 

Saturday morning brought our first use of the stove top to prepare a meal. Oh boy, wish you could smell that yummy ham! 

It was wonderful to sit next to our big picture window and watch the rain from the warm, dry comfort of the Kismet dining table. 

Clearly the Kismet and crew are much more than fair weather sailors. Lots of rain did nothing to dampen our enjoyment of Bastrop State Park. On our way out we stopped at the park office and purchased a sticker, cloth patch, and coffee mug to remember our visit. 

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