Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Big Day Arrives

The day we've been waiting for had finally arrived. 

Linda and I departed our small farmhouse in rural Texas at 4:00 a.m. for the Austin airport with just enough time to catch a 6:00 a.m. flight to Salt Lake City, Utah via Denver, Colorado. 

We arrived in Salt Lake City under cloudy skies. Our RV dealer picked us up curbside and in 15 minutes Linda was seeing the M.C.Kismet in person for the first time. 

I had my final check list to review and was pleased to find everything had been done. New slide-out cover, new tires, new thermostat, etc. Next up was the final paperwork in the office while Linda stayed aboard getting to know her new highway hotel. 

Once I was done with the paperwork and the temporary paper license plate in place, it was time to back her out of the service bay and hit the road. This would begin our shakedown cruise across five states. 

Our very first stop, a Flying J truck stop just off I-15 five minutes away and still in Salt Lake City. We pulled into one of the RV lanes and took on 59 gallons of diesel before moving over to the adjacent propane filling station. After waiting our turn we added 48 gallons of propane to our 55 gallon tank. These were also the first two uses of our Pilot Flying J RV Plus card. 

Since it was already noon we moved over to the parking lot with the big boys and took our first picture of Linda with the Tradewinds. Then it was off to their restaurant for lunch. 

With everything working, running and ready for the road we struck off for the first of two provisioning stops. First up was Camping World in Draper, Utah, just a few miles south of Salt Lake City. Not only did we get a large assortment of RV supplies but I also got another picture of Linda with the Kismet. (You know this photo thing will just continue everywhere). Among things purchased were a 30-foot 50-amp extension cable, waste water hoses and connections, 25-foot drinking water hose, water pressure regulator, a carpet runner, and lots of odds and ends. 

Our plan had been to make our second provisioning stop at a WalMart Super Center in Salt Lake City before heading east to Wyoming. However, we were enjoying the view and ride in the Kismet so much that we decided we would rather drive than stop again so soon. We were happy to be in a new (to us) motor coach and in a new place that we just wanted to go! 

Frequent stops gave us an opportunity to check those things that we still weren't super familiar with. It also gave us the opportunity to pull off at scenic rest stops and soak up a little Utah. 

On the open road the Kismet performed wonderfully. She cruised up grades like taking a walk in the park. What a stark contrast to the 34-foot Bounder we drove to California in July. This time the roles were reversed. It was us floating uphill past 18-wheelers and gas powered motor homes. And no tugging at the steering wheel, or being buffeted by passing trucks. Oh, and the cockpit is so quiet with wind noise being the loudest thing heard (with the generator off). We both agreed that riding in the Kismet is even quieter than riding in my Ford Fusion. Wonderful. 

Late in the day we arrived in Evanston, Wyoming. We located our RV park, checked in, paid and found our site. On the park owner's recommendation we left for Jody's Diner and a great dinner in a place filled with local families. I had never heard of mac and cheese soup before, but was quite popular in this diner. 

Our second provisioning stop was the last and most expensive of the day. Flying somewhere to buy a motor coach means that you arrive with virtually nothing to set up housekeeping. Bedding, linens, towels, cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, small appliances, and groceries. Whew! Two carts full. The receipt tells the story, 89 items. 

As Linda points out, we'll push these two carts all the way home.  

Back at the RV park it's now dark and we're glad that we had the opportunity to see how we would need to weave the Kismet through trees and hedges to fit into our slip. Deflate air suspension, check. Leveling jacks down, check. 

Once docked I uncoiled our new power cable and put us on shore power for our first time. Shortly after we were in for the night it began to rain, which it did on and off all night. This presented a good opportunity for us to check for roof leaks. Happily none were found. Yea! 

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